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Bitbucket Academy is an on-line education system for technology subjects: Computer Science, Cybersecurity (either Infrastructure Security or Application Security,) DevOps, and Project Management. The program title and course numbers in each of the Program Pathway documents are links to the Course Outline of Record (CoR). The CoR gives you detailed information about the contents of each course, course objectives, and learning outomes. You can self-enroll in select, self-paced courses for personal enrichment or professional development. You may also co-enroll with Merritt Community College or through the California Virtual Campus to earn an accredited, internationally-recognized degree or certificate. Download the Computer Science Advisory Guide for detailed course and software developer career information. Several courses have a YouTube playlist of tutorial videos on the Bitbucket Academy channel to help you succeed in the course. Each playlist corresponds to a specific course. Be sure to subscribe to the channel so you don't miss any of the latest updates.

Earning an Associate in Science (AS) degree or a Certificate of Achievement (CA) through co-enrollment with Merritt College qualifies you to enter occupations with job titles listed in the table below. The table shows the San Francisco Bay Area salary for each occupation provided by the Centers of Excellence for Labor Market Information. The cost for completing a Certificate of Achievement (30 units) or an Associate in Science Degree (60 units) is also listed. The Economic Impact Multiplier shows how each dollar spent on a degree or certificate is multiplied in your annual compensation. Each AS degree or Certificate can be completed in four (4) semesters. Each job title is a link to the appropriate career search on a job board.

Program Costs*, Job Titles, Salary, and Economic Impact Multiplier
Program Link    Award Num. Units  Enrollment Cost*
Link to Typical Job Title and Roles Median Hourly Wage  Median Annual Salary  Economic Impact Multiplier
Computer Science  AS 60 $3,008 Software Developer $101 $210,080 70
Computer Science
 CA 32 $1,720 Software Developer $101 $210,080 122
Cybersecurity - Application Security (Software)  AS 60 $3,008 Information Security Analyst $83 $172,640 57
Cybersecurity - Application Security (Software)
 CA 30 $1,628 Information Security Analyst $83 $172,640 106
Cybersecurity - Infrastructure Security (Hardware)
AS  60 $3,008 Information Security Analyst $83 $172,640 57
Cybersecurity - Infrastructure Security (Hardware)
 CA 30 $1,628 Information Security Analyst $83 $172,640 106
DevOps  AS 60 $3,008 DevOps Engineer $67 $140,000 47
 CA 38 $1,996 DevOps Engineer $67 $140,000 70
Computer Project Management
 CA  12-21  $1,214 Computer and Information Systems Managers  $68  $141,440  117

*The California Promise Grant may cover program enrollment cost for eligible students.

This Labor Market Information is NOT a guarantee of job placement or salary.

University Transfer is Available When Co-Enrolled for Credit with Merritt College
California State University (CSU) transfer: View a list of CSU transfer courses for Baccalaureate programs in CIS and Computer Science. The Merritt Program fulfills the first two (2) years of the Computer Science Bachelor of Science Degree at CSU Northridge campus.

University of California (UC) transfer: View list of UC transfer courses for Baccalaureate programs in CIS and Computer Science.The Merritt Program fulfills the first two (2) years of the Computer Science Bachelor of Science Degree at the UC Riverside campus.

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